Introduction: The Beginning of my ‘FANGIRL LIFE’

      The life of being a KPOP fangirl is never easy. Entering the world of Kpop, you have to deal with haters and some of their nonsense yet hurtful words.


courtesy: google images

         Also, you need to accept the ‘BIGGEST FACT’ (for fangirls) that you’re just a FAN … and there’s no way your OPPA will notice you. THERE. IS. NO. WAY. (ouch)

          Unless you’ll do something that your oppa will remember for the rest of his life. Like, invading his mind? HAHAHA! 


          So, it was November 2013 when I started entering this crazy world of fangirling. As I scroll down through my news feed, I accidentally saw this boy group and yes! They caught my attention. I immediately became soooo interested and started searching for their group name. And it was Bigbang! (photo below)


BIGBANG (courtesy: Wikipedia)

        Since it was my first time in KPOP world, I found it hard to pronounce their names (real names). But because they’re so adorable (super), I worked hard to memorize them. ^O^

        One day, my friend who is also a KPOP fan, introduced another boy group to me. He told me that it was EXO and he even showed me their picture. As far as I can remember, these were the photos that my friend showed to me. 

 Again, they caught my attention. But this time, it was different.


       I mean, they have this charm that I can’t see in other boy groups. Then, my LOVE for EXO grows bigger and bigger. 

      Aside from that, I started watching their videos, k-dramas, bought magazine where my favorite idols were featured, posters (which are now lost) and I even learned some basic Korean words!


     Here they are! Crazy? Nah.


      But as time passes by, I tried to unlike them, everything and I don’t even why. I continued searching for a way out but … it doesn’t seem to have one.

There’s no exit.

I’ll be forever in this world … but it’s fine!

So, all I have to do is to continue this journey and enjoy it no matter what!

Aja~ ♥

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